(Odin, Lavender Beds, ward 8,
Lily Hills, apartment 89)

A clothshop owned by Eifawyb Byldawyn and her two daughters Grynewyda Sunnwyn and Haprilona Sunnwyn, located in the heart of Limsa Lominsa.

You can purchase craftable clothing viewable on the mannequins as well as a variety of dyes. Items not in stock may be ordered. The customer receives a temporary link pearl to which one of the staff members will contact and let the customer know when the product can be collected from the store.


Items sold at First Steps are marked blue (and are with up to date prices unlike the rest of the catalogue)!

Note! Craftable items not found in the catalogue can still be requested! Price will be determined by the availability of ingredients.

Dresses, gowns & kimonos

Ao Dai700 000 gil
Ala Mhigan Gown90 000 gil
Bridesmaid Dress45 000 gil
High House Bustle30 000 gil
Quaintrelle's Ruffled Dress50 000 gil
Spring Dress450 000 gil
Taoist Shirt200 000 gil
Thavnairian Bustier250 000 gil
Thavnairian Wool Autumn50 000 gil


Adventurer's Hooded Vest80 000 gil
Anemos Gambison1 000 gil
Anemos Suspenders3 000 gil
Boulevardier's Ruffled Shirt300 000 gil
Company Tabard800 000 gil
Dalmascan Draped Top900 000 gil
Falconer's Shirt30 000 gil
Flannel Suspenders100 000 gil
Hannish Wool Autumn1 000 000 gil
Hooded Fireglass Vest250 000 gil
Sailor Shirt250 000 gil
Summer Indigo Shirt600 000 gil
Survival Shirt15 000 gil
Thavnairian Bolero70 000 gil
Thavnairian Wool Autumn300 000 gil

Sweaters & ponchos

Adventuring SweaterSOLD OUT
Cashmere Poncho400 000 gil
Winter Sweater25 000 gil

Skirts & stockings

Bridesmaid's Tights18 000 gil
Expeditioner's Pantelettes45 000 gil
Plain Long Skirt25 000 gil
Quaintrelle's Ruffled Skirt50 000 gil
Spring Skirt450 000 gil
Thavnairian Tights200 000 gil
Uraeus Skirt10 000 gil
Whisperfine Woolen ShortsSOLD OUT


Anemos Sarouel1000 gil
Best Man's Slacks20 000 gil
Boulevardier's Ruffled200 000 gil
Cashmere Slops60 000 gil
Coverall Bottoms600 000 gil
Cropped Flannel Slops50 000 gil
Cropped Fireglass Slops50 000 gil
Cropped Indigo Slops500 000 gil
Dalmascan Draped Bottoms800 000 gil
Expeditioner's Kecks2 000 gil
Falconer's Bottoms200 000 gil
High House Breeches20 000 gil
Leather Trousers600 000 gil
New World Hose80 000 gil
Sailor Brais350 000 gil
Quan500 000 gil
Taoist Slops150 000 gil
Thavnairian Sarouel80 000 gil
Replica Skypirate's Bottoms450 000 gil
Replica Skypirate's Breeches450 000 gil
Replica Skypirate's Gaskins450 000 gil
Replica Skypirate's Trousers450 000 gil
Uraeus Breeches10 000 gil
Wind Silk Bottoms30 000 gil

Jackets & coats

Astral Silk Robe160 000 gil
Best Man's Jacket45 000 gil
Craftsman's Apron500 000 gil
Craftsman's Coverall Top550 000 gil
Craftsman's Singlet550 000 gil
Expeditioner's Coat8 000 gil
Expeditioner's Tabard5 000 gil
Highland Smock10 000 gil
High House Justaucorps50 000 gil
New World Jacket80 000 gil
RaincoatSOLD OUT
Rebel CoatSOLD OUT
Replica Skypirate's Coat450 000 gil
Replica Skypirate's Jacket450 000 gil
Uraeus Coat35 000 gil
Urban Coat700 000 gil
Whisperfine Woolen CoatSOLD OUT
Wind Silk Coatee15 000 gil


Blue Summer Maro10 000 gil
Coronal Summer Halter50 000 gil
Moonfire Caligae20 000 gil
Moonfire Hat30 000 gil
Moonfire Sandals20 000 gil
Moonfire Tanga40 000 gil
Moonfire Trunks40 000 gil
Moonfire Vest40 000 gil
Red Summer Maro10 000 gil
Red Summer Pareo150 000 gil
Sea Breeze Summer Halter85 000 gil
Sea Breeze Summer Pareo250 000 gil
South Seas Talisman100 000 gil
Ti Leaf Lei45 000 gil


Dye typePrice
Crescent Moon Cone-
Crescent Moon Nightgown-
Crescent Moon Bottoms-
Crescent Moon Slippers-
Crescent Moon Nightcap-


Beret1 000 gil
Capeline (Gold Roselle & Oschon Roselle)5000 gil
Cashmere Hood50 000 gil
Company Hat800 000 gil
Cloche8 000 gil
Flat Cap8 000 gil
Expeditioner's Cap10 000 gil
Flannel Knit Cap10 000 gil
Highland Hood10 000 gil
High House Cloche4 000 gil
New World Headdress60 000 gil
Non La35 000 gil
Rain Hood5 000 gil
Spring Straw Hat8 000 gil
Survival Hat4 000 gil
Quaintrelle's Hat30 000 gil
Taoist Cap100 000 gil
Wind Silk Wedge Cap2 000 gil


Anemos Expeditioner's Gloves1 000 gil
Artisan's Mitts50 000 gil
Dinosaur Leather Gloves2 000 gil
Griffin Leather Cuffs200 000 gil
Highland Mitts10 000 gil
New World Armlets20 000 gil
Punching Gloves8 000 gil
Taioist Gloves80 000 gil
Replica Skypirate's Gloves450 000 gil
Thavnairian Armlets115 000 gil
Thavnairian Gloves50 000 gil
Velveteen Dress Gloves2 000 gil


Bestman's Gaiters20 000 gil
Bridesmaid's Sandals20 000 gil
Boulevardier's Dress Shoes125 000 gil
Craftsman's Leather Shoes450 000 gil
Dalmascan Leather Shoes450 000 gil
Dinosaur Leather Boots4 000 gil
Dodore Boots30 000 gil
Expeditioner's Moccasins8 500 gil
Expeditioner's Thighboots40 000 gil
Falconer's Boots65 000 gil
Fur-lined Saurian Boots140 000 gil
Glacial Boots45 000 gil
Guoc45 000 gil
Highland Boots10 000 gil
High House Boots10 000 gil
High House Halfboots10 000 gil
New World Moccasins15 000 gil
Pagos Boots6000 gil
Pteroskin Shoes150 000 gil
Quaintrelle's Dress Shoes100 000 gil
Sailor Deck Shoes250 000 gil
Spring Dress Shoes130 000 gil
Summer Sandals90 000 gil
Survival Boots10 000 gil
Taoist Shoes18 000 gil
Rain Boots140 000 gil
Raptorskin Boots10 000 gil
Rebel Boots650 000 gil
Replica Sky Pirate's Boots450 000 gil
Replica Sky Pirate's Shoes450 000 gil
Thavnairian Babouches20 000 gil
Thavnairian Sandals20 000 gil
Urban Boots650 000 gil
Whisperfine Woolen Boots200 000 gil


Classy Checkered Parasol1 000 gil
Flower Corsages (hair / wrist)1 000 gil
Red Tulip Corsage500 gil


Dye colourShade
BlueAbyssal, corpse, ice, ink, othard, peacock, rhotano, royal, seafog, shadow, sky, storm, void, woad
BrownAldgoat, kobold, loam, pumpkin, shale, sunset
GreenApple, celeste, deepwood, hunter, lime, meadow, morbol, ochu, turquoise
GreyAsh, charcoal, goobbue, slate, snow, soot
PurpleColibri, gloom, grape, iris, lavender, lotus, plum, regal
YellowBone, honey, millioncorn, ul
RedDalamud, lilac, rolanberry, rose, salmon, wine
SpecialDark blue, dark brown, dark green, dark purple, dark red, pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel purple
MetallicBlue, gold, green, orange, purple, sky blue, yellow
SkybuilderPearl white, ruby red
Dye typePrice
Regular100 gil
Metallic1 000 gil
Dark1 000 gil
Skybuilder10 000 gil
Jet black/pure white210 000 gil

Plush toys & minions

Huggable GaelicatSOLD OUT
Plush PileSOLD OUT
Stuffed Ahriman55 000 gil
Stuffed Alpha100 000 gil
Stuffed Bear55 000 gil
Stuffed Brina20 000 gil
Stuffed Calca20 000 gil
Stuffed Carbuncle80 000 gil
Stuffed Eggplant Knight80 000 gil
Stuffed Garlic Jester80 000 gil
Stuffed Goblin200 000 gil
Stuffed Mandragora Queen80 000 gil
Stuffed Moogle8 500 gil
Stuffed Onion Prince80 000 gil
Stuffed Tomato King80 000 gil
Stuffed Tsukuyomi450 000 gil
Unmoving Maneki Moogle14 000 gil
Wind-up Aldgoat10 000 gil
Wind-up Bismarck60 000 gil
Wind-up Chimera10 000 gil
Wind-up Garuda60 000 gil
Wind-up Ifrit60 000 gil
Wind-up Illuminatus60 000 gil
Wind-up Lakshmi60 000 gil
Wind-up Leviathan60 000 gil
Wind-up Magnai235 000 gil
Wind-up Qiqirn10 000 gil
Wind-up Ramuh60 000 gil
Wind-up Ravana60 000 gil
Wind-up Sadu400 000 gil
Wind-up Shiva60 000 gil
Wind-up Susano60 000 gil
Wind-up Titan60 000 gil


The creaking of Haprilona's weaving loom is usually the first sound a customer is greeted with upon entering the shop. She is the hand and mind behind the exquisite fabrics from which our selection is exclusively made from.

Grynewyda is the fashion designer and the mastermind behind our wide selection. Be it inspired by local styles or as far as Far East or the New World, Grynewyda has you covered. She loves fashion as much as she loves good company and expensive alcohol.

The founder of Eifawyb Draperies, Eifawyb herself! Her deft hands are what combine Haprilona's fabrics and Grynewyda's ideas to create the selection within our shop.

The lovely shop clerk, Soemrthota, will serve you with an easy smile and ensure you get your gil's worth!

Fjrwn combines the ageless beauty of her kind and the versitality that comes with over a hundred years of life experience in her modelling. From sweet pastels to bright and bold, Fjrwn can don any look and give the best representation of our newest selection.


Eifawyb Draperies is open from 10am to 4pm.

We offer our customers free measuring, laundering and ironing services.

Once an item has been sold and bound, it cannot be returned nor refunded. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, but the item has yet to be bound, it can be returned for the purchase price within fourteen days.

Associates and business partners

Elysium Fight Hall

RAMENS Pawn Shop